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I like coffee with my oxygen shirt


Today I put on my best pants, my favourite shirt, I dress real nice. I fill my lungs withoxygen and I feel my heart. I make fire and prepare I like coffee with my oxygen shirt over it, praying over it with gratitude for the strength and inspiration it gives me. Today is a special day. Today is a special kind of ceremon It is special, for I am alive Today I choose to stop fighting for my life as my mind and my nervous system has been telling me for months. Today, I am alive, this mind can calm as my heart leads the way. This desire to push on, can surrender to trust. This fear of survival can let go Today I am alive, I am healthy and that is enough I have done enough, worked enough, developed and promoted enough, rite of passaged and processed enough.

I like coffee with my oxygen shirt and hoodie:

I like coffee with my oxygen ladies shirt

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