Wyoming Cowboys 2019 Arizona Bowl Champions Wyoming And Georgia State Shirt


There were pictures all over my parents’ house of me with big ears and disastrous clothes, sitting on tractors, clapping with glee as miniature trains drew into miniature stations; and though later on, distressingly, girlfriends found these pictures cute, it all seemed too close for comfort then. It had only taken me six years to change from a ten-year-old to a sixteen-year-old; surely six years wasn’t long enough for a transformation of that magnitude? When I was sixteen, that anorak with the Wyoming Cowboys 2019 Arizona Bowl Champions Wyoming And Georgia State Shirt patches on was just a couple of sizes too small. Charlie hadn’t known me as a ten-year-old, however, and she didn’t know anybody who knew me, either. She knew me only as a young adult. I was already old enough to vote when.

Wyoming Cowboys 2019 Arizona Bowl Champions Wyoming And Georgia State Shirt

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