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Proof of how little we know of our own oceans. We know more about Jupiter than we do about our oceans. Joey Plante man why does everyone say that? Like ok we get it we know more about space than our oceans snot an unknown it’s a ratfish. lives real deep. he was fishing real deep for something rare not unknow to Carolyn Mckay He should, but he’s a fisherman! Do you not know how to read? The Top Funny Shirt on mountainteeshirt on 16/9/2019 isn’t just for looking at funny pictures of cats. Keith Gourley, Some people don’t read the articles they only read the headlines this is why they don’t know how to vote Inmah Ashol Lol I’m guessing she must be one of with her voters. Carolyn Mckay, it died from the experience.


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