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What did the employees want him to do Tell the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 14/04/2019 nature to stop what she’s been doing for millions of years? There’s no such thing as man-made climate change or global warming whatever they call it today it’s a natural phenomenon that’s been happening from million years asked the real scientist like the founder of The Weather Channel. Follow the money and you will find the lies like. It’s called a change of seasons! We have global warming now because winter has ended and spring is here.

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It will continue to get warmer as we approach summer and then will begin to cool again as fall and winter arrives. Do the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 14/04/2019, when those planes fly to deliver massive loads when those trucks run to deliver said packages, even the way they get to work, not to mention all who have worked to purchase said items, all add to the issue of what they are talking about. If they don’t like how he runs his business they are not being held hostage there – they can leave and find employment elsewhere.

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Oh here’s another thought how about instead of a petition theTop Funny shirt on moteefe on 14/04/2019 develop ideas for the company to implement. If you care about the environment, don’t look for government or corporations to solve that problem, you can solve it yourself. Use fewer resources and power. Like it or not, today, we have to rely on fossil generation for the country’s needs. Renewables are a growing resource, but storage is minimal for the lack of sun (night), and the unpredictable wind. But I think in time that will be resolved.


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