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It’s puzzling to hear how close minded university students are these days. It used to be that college was where students learned to have discussions about different points of view. Now it appears the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 14/03/2019 will only allow people to believe what the professor believes. I thought conservative meant sticking to your faith-based values? Embracing monogamy, hard word, living with high standards, trying to live without breaking commandments, living in communities that do the same.

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Instead, it seems like a series of power plays faith gone bad with corruption and people seeking to establish dominion, aka territorial the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 14/03/2019 ed is not. If share this guys values or supposed values and you feel outnumbered on college campuses, good you should feel outnumbered. That means rational thinking and hate is on the decline. But on the other hand cray liberalism without restraints is on the rise showings its hateful teeth as well.

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Well, the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 14/03/2019 changed from education to indoctrination. Why do you think that free speech is attacked on college campuses so much? It’s because they have brainwashed our youth into thinking that the only views and opinions that matter are their own. Differing views don’t align with what they were taught by the liberal ideological professors. Just look at the Hollywood elites that have been caught cheating to get their children into colleges.


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