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Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 13/03/2019


So they think their children are so stupid they have to bribe a college to take them. That is sad parenting. The Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 13/03/2019 have been taught you don’t have to work at anything you just buy your way into what you want. So I guess they just learned how to buy themselves into being arrested. I feel sorry for those hard working athletes overlooked because these shitass kids took a spot they never worked towards.

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Such a shame for those kids. What does this teach those who worked hard and lost out? Everyone involved needs to do jail time! Paying money is not a punishment for. I thought it was just accepted a practice that rich people do this. The Funny shirt on moteefe on 13/03/2019 is that they actually might be held accountable. If you have kids you understand the lengths we go for them. I totally get why they did what they did.

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The part that pisses me off is the Funny shirt on moteefe on 13/03/2019 it a tax right off. I’m not a fan of Microsoft software, but I have a lot of respect for Bill Gates, and others with similar values, in his ethics especially when it comes to not allowing his wealth to enforce our laws for this type of behavior to the fullest extent, time to set an example that everyone is punished for thinking they can bribe for their wants while individuals that deserve to be in school can’t get in.


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