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Yup there someone that gang bangers will change for and drop the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 12/04/2019 that makes them. Stevie wonders wise words! Nope never gonna happen. That generation is lost and just roosting. We need to focus on the next young generation or they like this generation are lost. Why do all these Hollywood celebrities think their voice is more powerful than ours. Hey, Hollywood and superstars you are no more important then we are.

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Criminals always are criminals, living the criminal life. They’ll always have guns, knives, trucks, and cars to kill people with, its the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 12/04/2019. Laws aren’t going to change the way of life for them, just the law-abiding person trying to protect ourselves from these criminals. When will Stevie see the light and realize that it’s not gun control we need. A gun can sit on a table for years and not hurt a soul. But put it in the wrong hands of a human and it can cause damage. Banning guns won’t keep them away.

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Just like drugs are banned. I prefer to have my protection against criminals that will still have them. But thank you anyways, Stevie. California one of the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 12/04/2019 the shooter own the gun? If not what law would have saved this man’s life? Common sense gun laws benefit everyone but let’s not virtue signal here Stevie. Address all the issues not just the leftist talking points.


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