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Democrats want to leave the victim an unprotected unarmed defenseless target for their attacker by taking away all personal protection firearms in a DV situation. This includes the Top Funny shirt on 14/04/2019 personal protection. When she posts bail he would have nothing to protect himself with if she comes back to attack him. Not much common sense in leaving a victim an unprotected target for their attacker.

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Off the subject but hey you had no problem with suspending Judge Jeanine for a bit when she didn’t even deserve it, how about suspending Chris Wallace for his remarks? It was absolutely shameful and disgusting the Top Funny shirt on 14/04/2019 he presented that segment. I can not stand when people ask this question. And why would you do that to yours? Understand you don’t want them to lie. It’s like asking does this dress make me look fat- you truly don’t want the answer.

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Well if she is so unsure she had to ask she puts him in a bad spot. Not everyone is a knockout for God’s sake. And there are many levels of beauty. I hate getting asked that question. Why are people so self-absorbed? Crazy selfish people behave like this all of the Top Funny shirt on 14/04/2019. I was a 911 dispatcher for a few years. The stories I could tell, but, they aren’t important. There’s much more going on around the world that you could report about. Girlfriend calls cops after being assaulted by boyfriend for not saying he looked handsome. Not only would he get roasted but those making fun of her would too.


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