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This seems like a no-brainer! This would be an awesome attraction! We should be protecting the Top Funny shirt on 13/04/2019, not tearing them down because millennials want to flex their feelings. It will stay up at least until some yahoo complains that it somehow violates their feelings. These are really amazing. There needs to be some way they can be seen and appreciated by the public. There has to be someplace in a national park somewhere that they can be displayed.

Rock Paper Scissors Throat Punch I Win Sunflower shirt

School bus driver like a truck drivers shirt

Being a daddy isn’t a job It’s a blessing shirt

Ser Madre es un honor ser abuela no Tiene Precio shirt

October girl hated by many loved by plenty heart on sleeve fire in soul mouth can’t control sexy lips shirt

Dwyane wade the legend is back one last dance shirt

Sloth hiking team we will gets there when we get there shirt

I love my dirt track racer to the moon and back shirt

Books Make Me Happy Humans Make My Head Hurt Shirt

Easily distracted by mouse ears and pugs shirt

It would have to be somewhere with rangers or some kind of security because some people do not value history and would feel obligated to deface them. There’s room in dc to make an area for them. I mean Congress obviously doesn’t need its buildings as the Top Funny shirt on 13/04/2019 they could put them in an area in dc with other monuments. Why were they moved to the private property in the first place? And what was wrong with the busts just staying where they were? And I don’t want to hear because the park went bankrupt unless you have to feed them.

Turtles never underestimate a woman in her fifties who can go running shirt

Surgeon Samurai shirt

Snoopy Charlie Brown and Scooby-Doo Shaggy Rogers shirt

Sloth hiking team we will gets there when we get there shirt

Sloth hiking team we will get there when we get there shirt

She’s a good girl loves her mama loves jesus and america too shirt

May Your strategies be with you star war version shirt

King of the Hill Zelda and Navi Dang it Bobby listen shirt

Pitbullvengers avenger shirt

Corgivengers avengers shirt

Marvel Avengers Chihuahua Chihuahuavengers shirt

We have enough living Past presidents and their egos to raise enough money. The amount is trivial to the wealth they have created for themselves through their political lives beside the Top Funny shirt on 13/04/2019 process and if a new Park didn’t work out they could set them. That someone with the talent carved these and no one would take them. So much history our children today are not proud of because our history is being wiped away. The reason the. was founded and what it has been through should be out there for all to see so we don’t forget or make the same mistakes we’ve made in the past.


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