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There is a major difference between being friends with your students and relaxing and having fun The four food groups of NEPA shirt with your students. I am not friends with my students but we are able to share jokes and have laughed. When I taught in public schools, something many students told me was that they appreciated that I was real with them and that I didn’t try and baby them. Whether this was grade school, middle school, or high school, it is important to relate to the students. That doesn’t mean I need to go get a beer with them after class, but if we can tell jokes, confide in one another, and make life more relevant to the classroom, you will have a student that pays attention. If you’re worried about kids not being respectful or goofing around in school, that is something you need to address at home. We are there to educate and learn and make it fun while doing so if we have the opportunity. You are there to teach them manners and to raise them correctly. Stop trying to push your job onto teachers. They have it hard enough.


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