Soy Una Reina Nacida En Marzo Con Tres Lados El Lado Tranquilo Shirt


I clear away the evidence of last night’s traumas the spare duvet on the sofa, the balled-up paper hankies, the coffee mugs with dog-ends floating in the cold, oily-looking dregs, and then I put the Beatles on, and then when I’ve listened to Abbey Road and the first few tracks of Revolver, I open the bottle of white wine that Laura brought home last week, sit down and watch the Brookside omnibus that I taped. In the same way that nuns end up having their periods at the same time, Laura’s mum and my mum have mysteriously ended up synchronizing their weekly phone calls. My Soy Una Reina Nacida En Marzo Con Tres Lados El Lado Tranquilo Shirt first. ‘Hello, love, it’s me.’ ‘Hi.’ ‘Everything all right Not bad.’ ‘What sort of week have you had Oh, you know.’ ‘How’s the shop doing?’ ‘So-so. Up and down.’ Up and down would be great. Up and down would imply that some days are better than others, that customers came and went. This has not been the case, frankly. ‘Your dad and I are very worried about this recession.  I’m surprised she doesn’t make you sell up and get a proper job. It’s a wonder she’s hung on as long as she has. I would have left you to get on with it years ago.’ Hold on, Rob. Don’t let her get to you. Don’t rise to the bait. Don’t. ah, fuck it. ‘Well, she has left me to get on with it now, so that should cheer you up.’ ‘Where’s she gone?’ ‘I don’t bloody know.

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Soy Una Reina Nacida En Marzo Con Tres Lados El Lado Tranquilo Shirt

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