Some Girls Go Riding And Drink Too Much It’s Me I’m Some Girls Shirt

Why am I hearing such a lame excuses about why churches are being damaged and religious statues Some Girls Go Riding And Drink Too Much It’s Me I’m Some Girls Shirt are being destroyed? All you need to do is look back in history to see what happened in China during the time of mouth say. One of the things that was done was to destroy Buddhist statues. Communism is a godless society and one of the first things to be attacked in the attempt for us to become a Marxist society is to attack all things religious. It is necessary also to destroy books, our history, and our way of life in order to achieve that goal. the only care and goal I have till election day. Go eat some fiber and get off the conservative pages. You won’t change one mind and you just end up looking pathetic childish and hateful.

You Cant Fix Stupid But You Can Numb It With A 2×4 Shirt

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Some Girls Go Riding And Drink Too Much It’s Me I’m Some Girls Shirt

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