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Pitbull Dad Beer American Flag Shirt


Surely given the few eagles there are, there is still plenty of grouse to take aim at! I was lucky enough to be born and to grow up in the UK where I learned the freedom of speech and respect for life as well as keeping an open mind. The British education may not be perfect but the Pitbull Dad Beer American Flag Shirt-hearted teachers and great friends I have in the UK taught me well. Hong Kong is now my home and I have many fond memories of spending part of my childhood here in the arms of a city where the people look like they are rushing around for wealth and achievements but are at heart warm and kind. Hongkongers have always been a bit blind to politics, thinking only how to strive and climb up the ladder of success.

Tiger Dad A Son’s First Hero A Daughter’s First Love Shirt

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Pitbull Dad Beer American Flag Shirt

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