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As our long national coronavirus nightmare continues, finding ways to relax and unwind has become more crucial than ever. Some are recommitting to meditation practices; some are working out stress and anxiety on solitary jogs. Personally, I’m dealing with all this by swaddling myself in blankets until I resemble an expertly wrapped Mission-style burrito and watching hours upon hours of Netflix. Movies are a classic comfort-watching option, but sometimes you just don’t have the Sorry can’t riding horse bye shirt and by the same token and attention span for a movie. (Stress is, after all, linked to distraction). That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve quality entertainment, though; below, find a list of TV shows guaranteed to help take your mind off COVID-19, in one way or another. (Please note that Tiger King does not make this list, primarily because I can’t be alone in finding all that tiger print extremely stressful.)

Sorry can't riding horse bye shirt

Is anyone more qualified to lead us through this time of crisis than Alex Trebek? Netflix currently has three Jeopardy! collections available, including a heartwarming set of “Celebrate Alex” episodes, and I have to admit there’s a teacher’s-pet satisfaction to actually knowing the Sorry can’t riding horse bye shirt and by the same token and answers (even if that’s just because you saw the episode when it originally aired). If you’re not yet a convert to this incredibly relaxing television program about polite British people who like to make cakes, now’s the time to become one. Netflix has a full seven seasons available (not to mention various spin-offs), which should provide excellent fodder for stress baking.

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