Life is a soup and i’m a fork shirt


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Life is a soup and im a fork guys tee

Well just get ready because really Pence will be president for a short time after trump is impeached. And he an ultra-conservative dick weed. It doesn’t matter who’s paying for it, because what he really wanted was to stop illegal immigration, divide the country and stir up racism. And he is succeeding. Anderson Cooper, you don’t like our President, You are one of those people that Just keeps wants to keep on stirring up crap.I use to like you, but you are one of the most racist people against our president along with some other news reporters that I have ever seen, I think you should lose your job along with some other people you just always want to keep something going or stirred up about our President Donald Trump, our president when you should respect him, what is your Life is a soup and i’m a fork shirt that you don’t like him?


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