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Sánchez-Kane is originally from the Official Biden’s laptop matters shirt and by the same token and south of Mexico in Mérida, Yucatán. She began her line wanting to explore the intersection of fashion, art, and performance—combining all of these elements with the purpose of defying gendered fashion norms. “In Mexico, it’s a very dominant, macho country,” says Sánchez-Kane. “We’re still fighting for a lot of things, like basic rights for women. I [wanted to make] clothing that anyone can wear.” Sánchez-Kane’s keen eye as a designer is thanks to her unusual background. She first studied industrial engineering in Mérida, but decided to pursue fashion at age 22 following a health scare. “I had ovarian cancer, and that changed everything,” says Sánchez-Kane. “I was like, you need to do what you actually want to do and listen to yourself.” After overcoming cancer, she went on to study fashion in Florence and interned with Bernhard Willhelm in Los Angeles. These combined studies shine through in her work today, which riffs off twisted shapes and exaggerated proportions. “Engineering is all about experimentation with materials,” she says. “Patternmaking is very engineering; it’s being playful with structure.”

Official Biden's laptop matters shirt

All of the Official Biden’s laptop matters shirt and by the same token and label’s pieces are made by local artists, and Sánchez-Kane enjoys the process of collaborating. “Every garment needs to tell a story,” she says. “I know everyone who produces it. I do experimental patterns in the atelier, and then everything is outsourced: denims, cottons, leathers. I go to the professionals.” She’s also partnered with other local brands, such as Varon jewelry, on special one-off pieces. “There’s a community here and we support each other,” she says. “That’s why I moved to Mexico City. If you’re having a drink, you can turn around and start talking to someone, and [find out] this person does embroidery. People are very open with sharing their knowledge and their experiences.” Sánchez-Kane says Mexico City itself inspires her just as much as its denizens. “Just going downtown, you will see all the inspirations of Sánchez-Kane,” she says. “Mexico is very kitschy; I like to play with the heritage.” She often incorporates traditional Mexican motifs into her clothes, particularly drawing from architecture in the city. For her Latino Couture collection, she even made a series of dresses that are inspired by the gift-wrapping ribbons that you can buy from the city’s roadside stands.

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