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I’m A Darts Dad Just Like A Normal Dad Except Much Cooler Vintage Shirt


Even the ducks and hens toiled to and fro all day in the sun, carrying tiny wisps of hay in their beaks. In the end, they finished the harvest in two days’ less time than it had usually taken Jones and his men. Moreover, it was the biggest harvest that the farm had ever seen. There was no wastage whatever; the hens and ducks with their sharp eyes had gathered up the very last stalk. And not an animal on the farm had stolen so much as a mouthful. All through that summer, the work of the farm went like clockwork. The animals were happy as they had never conceived it possible to be. The mouthful of food was an I’m A Darts Dad Just Like A Normal Dad Except Much Cooler Vintage Shirt positive pleasure, now that it was truly their own food, produced by themselves and for themselves, not doled out to them by a grudging master. the worthless parasitical human beings gone,

I’m A Darts Dad Just Like A Normal Dad Except Much Cooler Vintage Shirt

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