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I Love You Your Whole Life I’ll Miss You For The Rest Of Mine Shirt


To be fair, I have said for years people should have a chip that has all your information on that can only be accessed via specific encryption only the police can access or paramedics or doctors. I don’t really know why so many people have a problem with this. We’ve been putting foreign implants in our bodies for ages to improve our quality life, for convenience contraceptive implants, or to appear more attractive, so what’s wrong with an implant that is useful for everyday life is It’s not personally my thing but it seems like an inevitable move. It’s actually a genius way for people with dexterity issues to have instant access to the I Love You Your Whole Life I’ll Miss You For The Rest Of Mine Shirt card or keys etc, I just thought it was cyberpunks doing mad stuff but it’s actually logical and practical as well. There’s just not enough payback on this at the moment. Perhaps in the future when an implant can stop you from having a heart attack or detect cancer, then it would be worth the biological risk. No point me breaking my skin and exposing my body to the deadly infection to unlock a door. Too lazy to put in the effort of making kind positive decisions and researching a healthy physical and mental regimen.

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I Love You Your Whole Life I’ll Miss You For The Rest Of Mine Shirt

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