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The Supreme Court called them out on it and they worked hard to prevent Congress from conducting its oversight. Barr and Wilbur are a menace. I firmly agree that to be true also. These new-age Democraps are such Trump haters, they don’t care about America one whit. Pelosi, Schumer, those freshmen, Al Green, etc. And dozens more. So very sad. But this identity politics started long before. It happened with Clinton and got markedly worse with. They just don’t care about the I Am Currently Unsupervised I Know It Freaks Me Shirt people if they can only beat. The Democrats are out to ruin America and they do not care. He is so right on this statement. The losers are always working out ways to make this administration appear in chaos, when in fact, it is their own Party that is in turmoil. They single out one of the administration or acquaintances weekly and target them as their next victim. They are bullies and should be charged with harassment of Federal workers. The Dems have lost their last brain cell and are causing great stress and harm to our nation. Yes, and we call them sore sport losing Democrats in Washington. 

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I Am Currently Unsupervised I Know It Freaks Me Shirt

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