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The speaker did his job according to how British democracy works and you think he should have been stopped. You can bring a new proposal to the house if it has changed significantly since the last time it was voted down. I couldn’t hear much over their crying and whinging because they might have to pay a few more quid for their summer holiday. Actually, if not for the Speaker, there wouldn’t have been a referendum in the first place. The Speaker is simply doing his job ensuring the Grumpy Resting Red Tech Face Shirt cannot ride roughshod over the democratically elected Parliament. I’m shocked how anyone can think it is a good idea to leave, but I’m sure your profession allows greater insight into the drawbacks and benefits of leaving or remaining in such a trading union than that of the speaker of the house. Brexit was never a mistake the biggest mistake was having Bercow as a supposed impartial speaker was a way of making the British house of commons a worldwide joke.


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