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Flower Blessed By God Spoiled By My Husband Protected By Both Shirt


Her foundation has been floundering since she lost. Being president would give political clout and power again to fill up her coffer. She doesn’t want to get up there with the rest of the Flower Blessed By God Spoiled By My Husband Protected By Both Shirt because there’s going to be too many questions asked about her breaking the law and Benghazi and other things not to mention the thousands of deleted emails. She probably wouldn’t remember or couldn’t recall if she did get in a loss again. Then again another loss would probably be that breaking point, to send her over the edge. She would open herself up to several investigations from her past terms in politics. While under a criminal investigation, I would think you couldn’t run. One more selection is all she can lose. Taxpayers. And since you folks already have made trillion-dollar annual deficits with no plan to pay them off, and tax giveaways and handouts for corporations and wealthy all the time. Once again another not well thought out waste of taxpayer money.

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Flower Blessed By God Spoiled By My Husband Protected By Both Shirt

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