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I meant to say but many deaths are not recorded as cv so most countries true numbers are likely to be much higher! This is serious and neither denial or panic is a sensible Eminem Deadpool Shady Shirt. The only one we see as sick and twisted is liberals, Even on this very blessed day to millions, all you have is hate for people you do not even know. If had not stopped flights from China the death toll would have been much worse, like when was President during! He waited until died before he even acted and thousands more died. You need to realize than the Dems hate this country and are doing nothing to make things better. We can all see that. Why did the Democrats let this commie run under their party in the first place? Neither Biden or the commie would make a good president and if anyone wanted to see what life under Dems would be like

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Funny The Washington Redskins 88th Anniversary Thank You For The Memories Shirt

Eminem Deadpool Shady Shirt

Never Underestimate A Woman Who Understands Hockey And Loves Capitals Shirt

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I Am A Proud Wife Of A Crazy Husband He Was Born In July He May Seem Quiet And Reserved Shirt

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Toronto Team Player And Signature Shirt


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