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CNAs Are Sunshine Mixed With A Little Hurricane Shirt


However, we are really talking about Governor Cuomos commendable response to this pandemic and the idea that he would make an excellent running mate for Biden. They would be a very powerful force to get this country back on track. He’s well-spoken articulate and a nice guy, but he keeps saying the state has no money why not he’s been Governor forever and it’s one of the highest taxed states in the nation. So although he’s a nice guy his policies are not effective or reasonable. Thank you for your CNAs Are Sunshine Mixed With A Little Hurricane Shirt, courage, and bravery for protecting the community and the entire world. We will never forget and we will always support and stand strong forever. We are one fight and one team and we will get through this together and god bless. Florida is way better than New York. You see this beautiful video right here? They got it all down, the social, the masks, and the life saving, while new York they clap and everyone is like a party of first responder, they should be setting example like these fine people. Thank you for your service! All these harsh comments. Wow. Maybe they’ve ended their shift or are coming on duty to start their shift. All the nurses I ever knew rarely ever even got a break during their 12 hour shift. A bite to eat was on the run and most rarely even had a chance to urinate more than once or twice a shift.

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CNAs Are Sunshine Mixed With A Little Hurricane Shirt

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