Black Cat That’s What I Do I Read Books I Drink Wine And I Know Things Shirt

His tweets although entertaining sometimes are inappropriate. I think he should just buy those ladies some dolls and some cool Lego sets to put them in a corner so the kids can continue to play while the man continues to do great things for the country. Even the most undereducated and misinformed Americans will one-day look back at this era and wonder how happened and they will know that America was goaded by a fake ‘news’ network that includes cute puppy stories, virtuous rescue efforts, and religious stories to mask its fake news, veiled racism, hatred of other Americans, a relentless push for war. I’ve come to a conclusion the evil democrats are not going to stop until they have Trump impeached and they are in complete Black Cat That’s What I Do I Read Books I Drink Wine And I Know Things Shirt of the free world to turn this country into a socialist government-controlled third world country. Pelosi can’t whip votes up to get real legislation passed like infrastructure, healthcare, drug pricing, immigration but they sure can spend a whole day of voting to condemn words and voting on impeachment. Vote them all out of office is a joke and refuse to get anything done. What I believe to be the case is most of them are hoping he’ll be out after the next election. They may attempt to impeach again, with more support, if he wins.

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Black Cat That’s What I Do I Read Books I Drink Wine And I Know Things Shirt

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