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They were armed and dangerous. I’m sure the victim never woke that day saying to himself Today I’m gonna terminate three teenagers. Dean Ingram goes back and reads my post. I did not criticize the homeowners at all. I said society is sick for celebrating the death of these teens. They died. Yes, they were allegedly going to rob a home, but three young people are dead. We should not celebrate their deaths. Instead, we should reflect on the reasons that three young people felt the need to rob a home and the Bandulu Street Couture Shirt that they felt in robbing a home if they were armed. He is absolutely correct. It of why they were trying to do, they were just kids. If they tried to rob me at gunpoint, I would have shot them as well. But I also would feel horrible about the situation. Obviously nobody grasps what you wrote from the comments it seems everyone shares my enthusiasm over those little criminals deaths. You don’t have compassion for their friends and families. We actually don’t even know the whole story yet I choose not to celebrate like the sick people on this thread who are excited at their deaths.

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Bandulu Street Couture Shirt

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