Back Off I Have A Crazy Polish Babcia Shirt

Even if that one person is extremely smart, strong, brave, and gives us all jobs? Do you think it’s fair that I paid more in taxes last year than Bezos’s company, Amazon No evidence has ever been produced to support the theory that anybody’s success results in another person’s Back Off I Have A Crazy Polish Babcia Shirt. Wealth creation is largely the product of hard work, risk taking and innovation. Wealth redistribution is unethical at best, criminal at worse and while in school we all understood this principle, we know that taking the grades away from the most productive student and handing them to the least productive is inherently wrong and immoral. However money and politics corrupts our sense of right and wrong which leads to people like Bernie Sanders and his supporters David Marshall, how is this dividing at all? Racists divided things to begin with, that was him finally getting some recognition for taking a stand for his humanity, many others, all of that in a notoriously racist sport I remember when their offices, were on the hill, in the old public health hospital in Seattle

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Back Off I Have A Crazy Polish Babcia Shirt

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