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A Well Read Woman Is A Dangerous Creature Shirt


Probably the most boring speech I’ve heard in my life. Midway through only a handful of people were applauding supporters were unhappy because they didn’t get the rhetoric, lies, and hatred they’re used to from a trump speech. Remember the days that spoke about race any second he had a chance, or you could count in the hundreds how many times would say I, me, or speak about himself in the third person. Thank god we have a President that all about the country and its people. I was visiting at a nursing home from and we watched the event. The A Well Read Woman Is A Dangerous Creature Shirt were empty which is unusual. After all that gathered for their communal dinner, the residents all were back in their respective rooms watching the speech. This was so moving and patriotic. It brought tears to our eyes. We will remember this for the rest of our lives! We love our president because he truly loves our country. This is why Democrats did not want this. We as a country need to feel proud of this country and the men and women who will put there live on the line to protect it. God bless America and all the men and women of this great country.

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A Well Read Woman Is A Dangerous Creature Shirt

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