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Let’s withhold their pay, the same as all the other federal workers furloughed during the shutdown. Maybe if it cut off their pay, they’d have some skin in the game and might work to resolve their differences and get something done, the fed knew damn well-raising interest rates would slow down economic growth ,they knew with the threat of rising interest rates two more times in the new year it would cause a panic in the market.

Bernese Mountain a house shirt

Bichon Frise Shirt Bichon Mom shirt

Spider Ham It Can Get Weirder Spider Man shirt

Stanley Hudson did I stutter shirt

Mexico paying for it and whether or not it is needed. Now he’s asking for a fence and are paying for it. Not what we wanted. I notice you guys conveniently left that off. Just keeping you honest. You seem to have a problem with that. Porsche when I retire but the neighbors are going to pay for it but instead expecting your kids to buy it when you do finally retire.



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