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Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 24/02/2019


I have a suspicion that Baron knows more about what socialism is than Donald. All Donald knows is that calling someone a socialist makes a great accusation against his political rivals, so he pounds away with it incessantly, announcing at the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 24/02/2019, that he’s basically an idiot! There are only two people in.

Vegeta and Goku, Sub Zero, Dragon Ball Z DBZ Mortal combat shirt

Yoda Seagulls and Michael Jackson shirt

Being a nana doesn’t make me old it makes me blessed shirt

I went on a life changing field trip with Zuko and all I got was this lousy shirt

This is one of the dumbest propaganda posts I have ever seen. Get rid of taxes theTop Funny shirt on moteefe on 24/02/2019 against socialism is all because that’s the only thing you have to beat whoever will be running for president in. More than likely it will be Bernie Sanders and he has Donald Duck beat by a landslide. 

I’m mostly peace love and light a little go Yoga buddha shirt

It was that damn sunset shirt

Joe Lo Truglio Yippie Kayak other vintage shirt

I don’t think he has or will be able to stop the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 24/02/2019. As long as America has Colleges and Universities teaching our young people, Socialism will be lurking around. Legal immigrant here and Independent. I will vote for Trump since Democrats moved too far to the left. They already removed God in their platform. They got nothing to offer but socialism which failed everywhere else.


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