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These people are cowards, they do everything to divide the country by hatred but have none of them have the backbone to move to one of the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 11/10/2018 thinking they better drop the whole school board before they turn the schools there into outhouses like they did the rest of the city. Might not hurt to bring the Bible and the constitution of our United States back to the curriculum.

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Because the pledge has the word Republic in it. That’s what we are, a republic. Go watch out how many times they refer to it being a democracy. That’s because in a democracy they win, they rule by the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 11/10/2018. There is a reason behind this indoctrinationWhatever he replaced the pledge with, he should go live under its protection. Go. Leave. This foolishness should stop. Were it not for America, he would not be there, in that position, with the freedom to protest America.

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They’ve changed it to, I pledge allegiance to the poop that lines our sidewalks and to the poop, for which it sells, one poop, under Maxine Waters, completely divisible, with homelessness and heroin for all. The Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 11/10/2018. By rewriting history to remove those things that made America the greatest free nation in the world and teaching the students to disrespect our nation, they lay the groundwork for a generation that will not defend America and that they.


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