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He humiliated himself by refusing the Top funny shirt on moteefe on 05/10/2018  to make a scene It wasn’t right the airline misplaced his but it happens every day with luggage. And he claimed the wheelchair was dangerous but hopping on a baggage cart isn’t.  I have a lot of empathy for the disabled, but not much for this man. He caused most of this himself. He had to use a special chair just to get to his seat.

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The rest of this seems to be about money.  Accept it! As long as the airline did all the Top funny shirt on moteefe on 05/10/2018, what’s the point of getting on your high horse and creating. This man was offered a wheelchair, and a member of staff to take him where he needed to go, but he refused! To drag himself around like a sack of garbage just created an unnecessary problem. 

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Look I’m praying for this young man and his family. Now I say let’s keep playing ball, accidents happen in everything we do in life you can the Top funny shirt on moteefe on 05/10/2018. So do you burn the house down? No, fix the problem as long as there’s one to fix. So he also suited up, no one made him play. So yes just keep the games going, and be careful, to the best of your ability then.


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