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hat people no longer get a smack in the mouth. Now I know that sounds odd but think. When you were horrible or rude to a stranger back in the day you were concerned about consequences. They made sure to tell the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 02/11/2018 had several years of them throwing things at my house and shouting at me in the street. I wrote to me in the end. She sent the letter to the police. They came round to tell me not to write again because it would do me no good. 

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Perhaps a long spell of caring for the victims of hit and run incidents and listening to the families of didn’t make it would be appropriate for both sets of parents and the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 02/11/2018. t’s about time we stopped over worrying about what kids eat, what’s in school dinners and banning this and that. Start actually getting to a problem child before it’s too late. Educate parents on what’s right and wrong. d Oliver harps on about kids food forcing his middle-class views on everyone. Other factors such as respect, morals, and peers can be taught. More police on the streets must happen.

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Maybe if we spent more time on preventing kids from becoming like this child then incidents like this wouldn’t happen. As we have only been recording weather for less than a nanosecond in comparison to the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 02/11/2018 to say what is normal weather or not. We relate to time and flows, and the behavior of weather during these periods to our own short lives and our perception of time, not very scientifically sound actually.


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