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Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 01/03/2019


Had the world at his fingertips while at then just flushed it down the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 01/03/2019. His parents should have turned him over their knees and spanked his butt. Instead, they catered to him and sat back while he blew his whole life. He will sign with one of those teams. Instead, you just reported they let him go because of contract reasons.

Madea I ain’t scared of no po po call dal po po hoe call da po po hoe shirt

Rick and Morty Happy St Patrick day shirt

Sunflower jeep shirt

What are the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 01/03/2019. Football’s professional career ever started. The rich boy whose patents pampered him until he knew not the responsibilities and restraints required as an adult. My apologies if its alcohol or drug addiction. 

Wonder woman crawling falling puking blood sweat pain is acceptable quitting is not shirt

Snoop Lion II Snoopy Snoop Dogg shirt

The Democrats have created sanctuary cities for the Top Funny shirt on moteefe on 01/03/2019, the village idiots are too stupid to understand that the scumbags wouldn’t need sanctuary if they were not criminals. I see there are no problems related to sanctuary cities. We must not blame our problems on immigrants, blame our problems on racism, instead.


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