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That’s certainly true. But to deny that our actions since Death Star Nasa Shirt Hoodie Sweater have had no impact on it is bordering on insanityMichael Duckers-Finley but that’s what needs changing normal people are taking the brunt of this whose fault is that really Michael.

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We don’t need taxing on rubbish or fuel or being pushed into Death Star Nasa Shirt Hoodie Sweater new world without consultation or a choice Michael Duckers-FinleyAnd to think the world is going to end in 100 years when we have been through many changes to the planet like ice ages and changes to climate is ludicrous we survived ice ages and severe changes to the planet it’s time to wake up Michael maybe instead going deeper down the rabbit hole of ecosystems you could pick up an introductory economics textbook to understand why these protests are suicidal in the long run.

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